∞ iPhone apps built for iPhone 4's gyro, Retina display

There are a lot of great apps for the iPhone, but to experience the ultimate in cool apps you have to look for those built to utilize the newest technologies in the iPhone 4. Apple included a built-in three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and the retina display in the new iPhone, allowing users to experience apps like never before.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]It’s these apps that I’m going to focus on today. These apps can only be used on the iPhone 4 because it has the most advanced technology and hardware available in the industry.

Rubik’s Cube: I remember the Rubik’s Cube from my childhood. I remember lots of frustration, hours of trying to figure it out and the success of being able to make all of the different patterns. Not only does the iPhone app come with a solver to help you, Rubik’s Cube has been updated with support for the iPhone 4’s gyro. This gives you all new motion controls to solve the puzzle on your iPhone. Rubik’s Cube also received support for the Retina Display, so this app fully supports everything that is iPhone 4. ($2.99)

GolfScape GPS Rangefinder: This is a golfers dream come true. While the app is listed as a rangefinder, GolfScape GPS does so much more. Using Augmented Reality, this app will pinpoint your position on the course and then show you the hazards that could cause problems with your shot. It has over 35,000 mapped courses worldwide. ($19.99)

GodFinger: As the name suggests, GodFinger allows you to play God. You can build your world with mountains, jungles and lakes and then “flex your finger” and bring down a flood, firestorm or other disaster on your followers. Ngmoco’s Godfinger has been updated with support for the gyro and the Retina Display. Great graphics are important when you torment your followers. (Free)

Hipstamatic: Some of you may not be old enough to remember the plastic cameras of the past, but the Hipstamatic will show you exactly how things used to be. Except of course, it’s the look of analog with a digital flare. The Hipstamatic has been developed to take advantage of the Retina Display and many other features of iOS 4 like multitasking. ($1.99)

Gyro Guitar: There are plenty of guitar apps for the iPhone, but there aren’t many that use the gyro to move the fretboard. With Gyro Guitar you can slide the down the frets by simply moving your iPhone 4. ($0.99)

MotionX GPS: This highly regarded GPS caused quite a stir in the industry for the quality of the product and the low price to get it. Now there is another reason to like MotionX GPS — support for the Retina Display and multitasking. ($2.99)

Flip It!: Gyro Game: Flip It! is a game built for the gyro. According to the game maker, players shake, twist, flip and jab to beat the challenges. This definitely sounds like a blast when you get a bunch of people together for the evening. There are eight moves, four survival modes, five challenge packs and 30 time trial levels. ($0.99)

N.O.V.A.: Gameloft’s first person shooter is completely optimized for the iPhone. It features gyro controls and 3D range, support for the Retina Display and even support for multitasking. Shooters are my favorite type of games, but adding the gyro controls just takes the genre to another level. ($4.99)

Zen Bound 2: The graphics in this meditative puzzle game are stunning with its Retina Display support. With version two, the company added support for the gyro which it says increases the accuracy of the rope direction. It also has support for multitasking in iOS 4. ($2.99)

Gyro Draw: This free drawing app uses the gyroscope and accelerometer to track motion on your iPhone. It’s a great way to see how the gyroscope actually works. (Free)

Eliminate: GunRange: Another game from Ngmoco, Eliminate puts users on a variety of gun ranges with the ability to use one of several weapons to shoot targets. The difference between this and many other shooting games is that Eliminate uses the “G-scope” to aim the gun. That’s right, the ability to use the gyro to aim your weapon.

Plunderland: With support for Apple’s Retina Display, Plunderland puts you in the roll of Captain Peg Leg’s ghost helping wannabe pirates that quit their day jobs to steal back his treasure. Currently there are three campaigns and a survival mode with more on the way. ($2.99)

Sirius XM: A lot of people that were looking for multitasking support wanted to listen to music while performing other tasks on the iPhone. With the release of iOS 4 and its multitasking features, Sirius released an updated version of its app that takes advantage of it. Now you can listen to music and leave the app in the background. (Free)

MapQuest 4 Mobile: Another great use of multitasking, this time by AOL. With MapQuest 4, users can use the app’s guidance system, including spoken street names, while the app is in the background. That means that you can be on a phone call, checking the iPod or using another app and still get the information you need. (Free)

Incredibooth: Here’s an app that utilizes the iPhone 4’s front facing camera. I actually chuckled a little when I saw this because it took me back a few years to the photo booths I used to see in the malls. I had quite a few pictures taken in those booths, but now you can do it on your iPhone. ($0.99)

NCAA Football: We all know EA Sports makes some of the best games in the business. In addition to its complex gameplay, NCAA Football now features improved graphics for the Retina Display. It also features live Bluetooth multiplayer so you can crush your friend in head-to-head play. ($6.99)

The Elements for iPhone 4: Chemistry was never my favorite subject, but then again I never had The Elements. Taking advantage of the gyroscope and retina display, The Elements really does have to be seen to be believed. Even my kids enjoyed this app. ($9.99)

Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser: Augmented reality is a really cool technology, but the use of the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and gyroscope make it even better. Acrossair uses all of these technologies to act as a navigator and includes points of interest. (Free)