∞ Apple opens iAd network to developers

Apple on Wednesday opened its iAd network to developers, allowing them to advertise their products made for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Until today, iAd was a network that was utilized by large corporations. Developers who wanted to show those ads in their apps would need to be part of the iAd program and that was it.

However, with today’s news, Apple is allowing developers to promote their apps through the network. It still requires the normal media buy that other companies need to be on the network, but it does give developers the opportunity to market their product.

One thing that Apple touted about iAd is that they are interactive and do not take you out of the currently running application in order to interact with it. Developer ads will work the same way.

If a developer’s ad offers you a download for their app, it will download in the background and will not interrupt your current app.