∞ Apple, Sony, HP, others sued for using 'display acceleration techniques'

Positive Technologies filed a lawsuit against Apple and 12 other companies for infringing on three of its patents. Filed in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, the lawsuit claims that the 13 companies infringe on patents ‘457, ‘558 and ‘588. The ‘457 patent describes “DC Integrating Display Driver Employing,” the ‘558 patent is “DC Interating [sic] Display Driver Employing Pixel Status Memories” and the ‘588 patent describes “DC Integrating Display Driver Employing Pixel Status Memories.”

For Apple, the lawsuit centers around computers and not the iOS devices. According to documents filed with the courts, Apple infringes the patent “by manufacturing, using, selling, offering to sell, and/or marketing several types of consumer electronics, including but not limited to laptop computers, desktop computers, and all-in-one computers incorporating an LCD display panel utilizing display acceleration techniques claimed in the ‘457 Patent.”

The 13 companies included in the lawsuit are Apple, Sony, HP, Acer, Gateway, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ViewSonic and Kobo.

Positive Technologies is asking for a jury trial and cash damages.