∞ Apple rejects iPhone app for using its RSS feed

Apple rejected apps in the past and after looking at some of them, I can see their point. Apple has rules and they have the right to accept or reject whatever they want. However, on Friday Apple rejected a movie trailer app because there is no public API for trailers. Well, that’s true, but it’s an RSS feed — how many apps are in the App Store that use RSS feeds in one way or the other.

Jonah developed an app to access the Trailers’ feeds and display the results in a much more enjoyable iPhone-optimized interface. You can read descriptions, stream trailers, check out the movie poster and share the trailer. It’s interesting, and it looks good. It could be one of those apps Apple promotes on the App Store front page.

Apple Rejects Trailers App…For Using Apple’s Public RSS Feeds [MacStories]