∞ AT&T screwing its wireless customers again

Okay, we all know that AT&T’s wireless service is not very good in many areas of the U.S., so they have come up with a way for customers to improve that. They will sell you a Micro-Cell for $150, which basically fills in coverage gaps of its service. However, the Micro-Cell uses your broadband connection, which you pay for separately, to get to the Micro-Cell.

It’s counting any mobile data you use — over the 3G Micro-Cell, over YOUR broadband connection — toward your monthly AT&T wireless bandwidth cap and overage fees.For AT&T to charge its wireless customers a second time for bandwidth that they’re already paying their broadband company for is highway robbery and just plain insulting. In reality, AT&T should be paying YOU for the bandwidth it’s borrowing to make up for the fact that it can’t build out its wireless network fast enough.

Here’s The Latest Way AT&T Is Screwing Its Wireless Customers [Business Insider]