∞ Apple's new MobileMe Mail now available to all members

Apple on Friday made its new MobileMe Mail application available to all members of its paid service. MobileMe Mail was introduced on May 12 as a beta that interested members could sign-up for and use. Just over a month later, the company company has worked out whatever kinks users found and officially launched it.

The new online Mail app features many improvements including: Widescreen and compact views; Rules to keep your email organized everywhere; Single-click archiving; Formatting toolbar; Improved performance; and Increased security with SSL.

Two features that are new since the beta launched are:

Support for external email addresses: Reading all your email in one place is easy with MobileMe Mail. You can receive email from another service by having the email forwarded to your me.com address. And when you reply to a message using webmail, you can choose to send it from the address it was sent to, or from your MobileMe account.

Improved junk mail filtering: MobileMe Mail places suspected spam messages directly in the Junk folder. If you see an email that you actually want, click the “Not Junk” button on me.com. MobileMe moves the message to your Inbox and makes sure that messages from that sender are not sent to your Junk folder again.