∞ The Windows era is coming to an end

The domination of Microsoft Windows may very well be coming to an end. I’m not saying that tomorrow we will wake up and nobody will know what Windows is, but the signs of its decline are all around us. The biggest of those signs is Microsoft’s inability to compete in the mobile market, especially against Apple, Google and HP, with its recent purchase of Palm.

Microsoft is trying to take a desktop operating system to mobile products. Its competitors are creating mobile operating system from the ground up. With the loss of one of its biggest proponents in HP, Microsoft’s mobile strategy took a big hit. It’s not quite clear how they will recover from that.

This has nothing to do with Apple passing Microsoft in market capitalization earlier today. It’s a simple fact that Microsoft is having a difficult time competing in a market that is becoming an important part of out computing experience.

The Windows era is over [Betanews]