∞ Google says multitasking, apps hurt Android's battery life

Google co-founder Larry Page admitted during a talk at Google’s annual partner forum, Google Zeitgeist, that multitasking and some apps could drain the battery of its Android phone.

Google Android battery indicator

“I have noticed there are a few people who have phones where there is software running in the background that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly,” said Page. “If you are not getting a day, there is something wrong.”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained that tuning the phone and figuring out ways to save on using that apps will save battery life. He added, “people bring in applications that are not particularly smart about that.”

Apple has been criticized for the past three years for not including multitasking in its iPhone OS and for its stance on app approvals, but maybe iPhone users have been lucky.

Apple has been working on multitasking and during the roll-out of iPhone OS 4 in April, Apple CEO Steve Jobs admitted that the company wasn’t the first to multitasking game, but they would be the best.

Jobs said that, even though it was tough, Apple figured out a way to implement multitasking that didn’t hurt battery life on the iPhone.

I’m okay with waiting until the technology is fully cooked before using it.