∞ Judge unseals search warrant documents in Gizmodo case

This case is about to get a lot more interesting. San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Clifford Cretan ordered the documents in the Gizmodo iPhone 4G case unsealed on Friday. The judge said he read the affidavit and there is no confidential informant. Media organizations that banded together to ask for the documents to be unsealed include Wired.com, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times and CNET.

Cretan said he only agreed to to seal the document in the first place because it involved a fast-moving, active investigation, and because “the warrant involved possible intrusion into media sources,” said the judge. “Which is ironic. Now it’s media seeking to open things up.”The judge added that information contained in the affidavit has already emerged in the press. Last month Wired.com reported that 21-year-old Brian J. Hogan, of Redwood City, California, was the one who came into possession of the prototype iPhone at an area bar, and passed it to Gizmodo in exchange for a payment.

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