∞ Adobe brings an ad to a gunfight with Apple

We all saw Adobe’s new ad campaign launched yesterday with the tagline, “We Love Apple,” which not-so-subtly tries to get people on its side in the battle with Apple over Flash. MG Siegler wrote a great post yesterday that drew me in right away with a funny headline.

You’ve just spent God-knows how much money on an ad buy that blankets much of the technology press (including this site). It’s a strange passive-aggressive message that just makes Jobs’ aggressive-aggressive post from a few weeks ago seem even more forceful. And it’s transparent. But worst of all, it won’t work. You must know this.On the face of it, the ad is an attempt to convince people that you’re the good guys in this fight. “We Love Apple” — the problem is, you don’t love Apple. Why on Earth would you? They’re completely screwing you right now. Everyone knows that. You’d have to be crazy to love Apple right now.

Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight [TechCrunch]