∞ C4 Mac developer conference dies

Sad news today from Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch, the organizer of the C4 developer conference — the event is dead. I never attended any of the C4 conferences, but I know a lot of developers who did and they really enjoyed it. Anytime a conference that gets developers together to share ideas and discuss the current market conditions dies, we all suffer.

Rentzsch cites Apple’s recent alteration of Section 3.3.1 of its iPhone developer agreement—the controversial clause that prohibits the use of some tools and programming languages for creating iPhone applications—as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Specifically, he points to the lack of developer outrage about the change, saying “unlike previous issues such as the senseless iPhone SDK NDA, the majority of the community isn’t riled by 3.3.1.”

C4 developer conference will not return [Macworld]