∞ Three new "Take Control" ebooks for iPad, iPhone, Mac released by Adam Engst

Adam and Tonya Engst have released three new ebooks that cover topics for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The first ebook, “Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch,” covers the different types of email accounts that can be setup on the devices, including Exchange. The book also gives readers a mobile email strategy, which I can tell you from experience, is an important thing to have. The ebook costs $10 and is 96 pages.

The next ebook, “Take Control of Apple Mail in Snow Leopard,” covers using Apple’s own Mail app for email in Mac OS X. Obviously, on the Mac you have more options and features than on a portable device and the book will take you into those features in some depth. This ebook costs $15 and is 133 pages.

The final ebook, “Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail,” helps users with one of the worst types of emails: spam. This ebook takes a look at Apple’s solution for taking care of spam, as well as some of the third-party options on the market. This ebook costs $10 and is 73 pages.

All of the ebooks were written by longtime author, Joe Kissell.