∞ Report: AT&T drops three times as many calls as competition

ChangeWave research issued a report on Wednesday that said AT&T has the highest percentage of drop calls of any U.S. carrier at 4.5 percent. T-Mobile had 2.8 percent, Sprint had 2.5 percent and the company many people want to see Apple partner with, Verizon, had 1.5 percent.

“AT&T was clearly the worst in the March survey, tacking on yet another increase over the last ChangeWave research survey,” ChangeWave observed in its report on the survey. Furthermore, a closer look at the trends show an increasing number of dropped calls among AT&T customers surveyed, and a steadily decreasing number of dropped calls for Verizon customers.”

Survey: AT&T Drops Three Times as Many Calls as Verizon [All Things D]