∞ Aperture at the NBA playoffs

Anytime a new version of a major app like Aperture is released, people always wonder how it stacks up in real-world conditions. Check this out: On deadline Thomas Boyd chose Aperture to handle the photos from three photographers and nine cameras to make sure he got the pictures to his newspaper on time.

I want to emphasize something here. I adjusted, exported and sent images back to the office while Aperture was still importing those very images off the CF card. My photo editor at the paper was looking the images before they were off the CF card the photographer shot them on. That is astounding to me.I’m at the point now, that when I look around the room as I’m heading out the door at the dozen or so photographers hunched over Photo Mechanic and Photoshop, I just smile and wonder why they don’t wonder why I’m leaving for home before they do. They are really working much harder than they need to.

Aperture 3.03 Editing Three Photographers Using Nine Cameras at the NBA Playoffs [MacCreate]