∞ Apple fires back at Adobe in Flash debate

Adobe on Tuesday said it would abandon efforts to allow developers to create iPhone apps in Flash CS5 because Apple essentially banned developers from using the technology. However, Apple fired back on Wednesday, making its position perfectly clear. “Someone has it backwards — it is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and H.264 (all supported by the iPhone and iPad) that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary,” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said in a statement.

Adobe’s Mike Chambers said while the feature will ship with CS5, the company is “not currently planning any additional investments in that feature.” Adobe is convinced that Apple will reject any apps created with its technology and believes any apps that have been accepted will be removed from the App Store.

Apple has said all along it didn’t believe Flash was a good mobile technology and resisted supporting it since the first iPhone was released.

As part of its promotion of the iPad, Apple has even gone so far as to promote Web sites that use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, showing users what can be done with open technologies.