∞ Joe Wilcox takes iPad to task for no Flash, Multitasking

Betanews writer Joe Wilcox on Monday posted his story on Apple’s recently released iPad. Personally, I didn’t expect to ever see an iPad story from Wilcox, because he said he would never buy one. Like many PC tech journalists, Wilcox criticizes the iPad for not having support for Flash or multitasking. He does praise it for some things, but the criticisms for the same old things are getting a bit old. I haven’t had any trouble using my iPad without Flash support and Apple recently announced multitasking support in iPhone OS 4.0.

Can you rub your tummy, wave your hand, chew bubblegum and blink your eyes at the same time? If so, iPad isn’t for you. The device is a multitasking-free zone. OK, some Apple applications kind of work at the same time — on par with rubbing your tummy and chewing gum together. But iPad is, for now, mainly a one-thing-at-a-time device, which is one of several reasons why in early March I singled out the 55-and-older set as a viable market segment.

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