∞ Gruber on why Apple changed the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has a great article on why Apple decided to make some changes to the iPhone license agreement. He nailed it when he said that Apple cannot afford to let another company have control over how apps are made for Apple’s iPhone OS. Some good perspective.

So from Apple’s perspective, changing the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement to prohibit the use of things like Flash CS5 and MonoTouch to create iPhone apps makes complete sense. I’m not saying you have to like this. I’m not arguing that it’s anything other than ruthless competitiveness. I’m not arguing (up to this point) that it benefits anyone other than Apple itself. I’m just arguing that it makes sense from Apple’s perspective — and it was Apple’s decision to make.

Why Apple Changed Section 3.3.1 [Daring Fireball]