∞ PCalc now available for the iPad

One of the Mac industry’s long time developers, TLA Systems, has brought its RPN calculator, PCalc, to the iPad. In fact, PCalc is available for the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone in one app, which means you can buy the app and sync it to your multiple devices. While PCalc has an abundance of features for high-end users, anyone can make use of its features.

PCalc includes the ability to choose from a variety of horizontal and vertical layouts, as well as choosing a theme that best suits your needs. The app has an RPN mode that gives you one-button access to the stack, as well as hexadecimal, octal and binary modes.

The app even takes advantage of gestures in iPhone OS 3.0, allowing you to swipe to see what you entered, as well as support for copy and paste.

PCalc RPN Calculator costs $9.99 and is available from the App Store. For a limited time, the company also posted PCalc Lite to give users a taste of the full version.

The full version of PCalc also includes a $9 coupon for the Mac version, bring the price of that app down to $10.