∞ AT&T investing $1 billion in its infrastructure

I can’t even imagine the scope of what it takes to upgrade a network like AT&T’s, but for some customers, it’ll be too little, too late. Especially if rumors of a Verizon iPhone hold true for later this year. I talked to some people in New York that refused to even try an iPhone because of AT&T’s network.

Its exclusive contract with Apple is due to end this year and, although there’s no word on whether other carriers will be allowed to even touch the beast, there have been some pretty persistent rumors that Verizon will be getting its very own CDMA version of the iPhone. AT&T has, however, got its paws on the Android-powered Nexus One, perhaps shoring up its smartphone stable in the event of Apple deciding to spread its iPhone love.

AT&T to Throw $1 Billion at Its Network [Fast Company]