∞ Report: iPhone 4.0 multitasking to be like Mac OS X Expose

One of the major knocks about the iPhone has been its lack of multitasking. In other words, when you exit an app, it shuts down completely. However, Apple is said to be working on multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0, which will allow multiple apps to be running at the same time. The question is how will you access running apps?

AppleInsider on Wednesday uncovered some information about the future of multitasking. Essentially, the iPhone OS will adopt an Expose-like interface.

Those familiar with the design of iPhone 4.0 said that the user interface will resemble Apple’s desktop Expose feature, in that a key combination — reportedly hitting the Home button twice — will trigger an expose-like interface that brings up a series of icons representing the currently running apps, allowing users to quickly select the one they want to switch to directly. When a selection is made, the iPhone OS zooms out of the Expose task manager and transitions to that app.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to access individual pages of an app, only the app itself. Still it is a step forward.