∞ Thanks to Steam, game developers look at the Mac with renewed interest

I had a feeling that if Valve stood up and walked into the Mac market without fear that others would follow, and I’m hoping this is a sign that I’m right: Apparently Gas Powered Games plan support for the Mac, going forward via Valve’s Steam distribution service. “We, as a developer, will include a Mac platform option in all of our proposals moving forward,” (Supreme Commander 2 developer) Chris Taylor reportedly said. “We’re in 100 percent support of it, absolutely.” There’s also some whispering that DICE may bring Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to the Mac, and surely if these things come to pass then others will follow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Interestingly, one can’t help but wonder if SC2 is positioned to be Starcraft 2’s only real competition in the same genre on the Mac this year.

Game developers eye the Mac after Steam’s jump to Apple [AppleInsider]