∞ Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please, pt 1: Marathon may be coming back

Now that it looks like the golden era of Halo is beginning to recede into the sunset, there’s some speculation – and evidence – that they may be planning a return to their roots … in the form of a new Marathon game. Apparently Bungie filed a new trademark application for “Marathon”; not exactly conclusive evidence, but it carries the whiff of possibilities. You youngins need to understand: When veteran Mac gamers aren’t busy sitting on their patio and yelling at neighborhood kids to get off their lawn, they’ll tell you a tale about the days when Mac first-person-shooters were actually better than the fare offered on Windows and, when they do, they’ll mention the Marathon series. Could this trademark application signify Bungie’s return as the golden child of Mac gaming?

Makers of Halo have a new project [Kokugamer]