∞ Debunking the iPad bunk

I’ll admit it. I get very frustrated reading opinions from people saying the iPad has problems and it may be better to wait until the next version to buy one. Most of these people haven’t even touched one, but yet they feel compelled to give an opinion. Take this statement from Mitch Wagner at Computerworld:

Seems like the iPad might be awkward to hold no matter how you position it. It’ll be too heavy to hold in one hand, you can’t operate it if you hold it in two hands, and it will be impractical to use for long periods in your lap.

So, Mitch must have some great sources, right? Well, it turns out that Mitch based that bit of wisdom on an article from Download Squad. So they must have great sources then. No, they based it on the first iPad television commercial.

What’s more, the Download Squad writer even says he hasn’t touched one yet.

I have used an iPad and can tell you that it’s not uncomfortable to use in one hand, two hands, cradled on your forearm, or many other ways that I used it.

Another article on SmartMoney.com gives you five reasons not to pre-order the iPad, which is available tomorrow. Here are the reasons for not getting an iPad on day one.

Price drops: Putting off your purchase a few months could cut your bill substantially. When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, it slashed the 8GB version’s $599 price tag to $399 just 10 weeks later. (Outraged early adopters received a $100 credit.)

Apple learned their lesson from that fiasco when it happened. I wouldn’t expect a price drop until a brand new version comes out next year. There is no way Apple is going to make that mistake again.

Bugs: “This is version one — there’s a lot that has to be worked out,” says Aaron Ray-Crichton, an independent technology consultant and the founder of ARC Systems Consulting in Brooklyn, N.Y. Apple originally anticipated an iPad release in late March, and analyst reports have pointed to possible production problems.

This is not version one. They are using the same technology they’re using in the iPhone and iPod touch, just on a larger scale. The analyst that claimed significant production delays gave no sources for the rumor and Apple delayed the launch by three days. Not a big deal.

App availability: Currently, the iPad has very few apps of its own. Most are iPhone apps, Carnell says. Displayed on a 9.7-inch screen instead of a 3.5-inch one, they may appear too jagged and low resolution to be useful, he says. If you’re looking at the iPad for the apps, hold off a month or two until developers can catch up.

App developers have had the iPad SDK since the device was introduced in January. Do you really think it will take developers months to catch up? They have been working on apps two months, which is why Apple gave them the SDK in the first place.

Connectivity: A Wi-Fi-only device is fine if you plan to use it at home or other areas with Wi-Fi hotspots. But 3G connectivity – available in iPad models set to launch later this spring — is basic for consumers who want their iPad to work while traveling in the car or in other locations where Wi-Fi is scarce.

The Wi-Fi + 3G model is not “set to launch later this spring.” They will be available later the same month. However, for people that will use 3G, I would recommend waiting too.

Competition: It’s still unclear exactly what the iPad will do best, Enderle says. Competing devices slated for release may be better choices, depending on what you would use the iPad for. Shoppers looking for an e-reader may want to wait for Amazon’s expected Kindle 3, while Dell’s Streak tablet offers more computing power, he says.

That is about the stupidest paragraph I’ve read in a long time. That should have just never made it onto the Web.

Having used an iPad myself, I can tell you that it is a remarkable device. No movie or video does it justice. Picking it up and using it, you start to realize all the things that you can do.

The only way to know for sure if you can use one is to go to an Apple store and try it out for yourself. I’d rather you do that than listen to people who have never touched it before.