∞ Audio Job Interview Professional for iPhone available

It’s a big part of the world we live in these days — jobs are scarce and when you do find something, the competition is fierce. One of the things everyone tries to bring to a job interview is uniqueness. That little extra edge that could make a good interview great. An app on the App Store aims to help give job hunters that edge.

Audio Job Interview Professional allows you to go through many of the relevant questions you may be asked on an interview, record your answers and then send the file to prospective companies.

To be honest, I wondered how many HR representatives would want an audio file, but these days, why wouldn’t they? It may not be your first contact with a company, but it is a nice way to follow-up.

Of course, you can also use it as a practice tool to see how you sound answering interview questions, but the edge it has is that you can email a link to the employer.

A video showing how the app works is available on Vimeo.

Audio Job Interview Professional is free until March 12, 2010 and will cost $1.99 after that.