∞ Virgin America dumps Flash in favor of iPhone

Apple’s spat with Adobe over Flash is not a big secret, but now other companies are choosing sides too. The latest is Virgin America. Virgin is dumping its Flash Web site and will instead go with an HTML 5 site. Virgin Chief information officer (CTO), Ravi Simhambhatla, said on Thursday that the decision was made to give iPhone and other mobile users the ability to check flights on their phones.

“I don’t want to cater to one hardware or one software platform one way to another, and Flash eliminates iPhone users,” told The Register. “This year is going to be the year of the mobile [for Virgin].”

Simhambhatla said that they weren’t using many of Flash’s features — in fact, they were only using a transition, but it was putting a 40 percent CPU load on users computers.

Steve Jobs’ views on Flash have been well documented in recent weeks. He’s said “We don’t spend a lot of energy on old technology,” when speaking with the Wall Street Journal. He also called Flash a “CPU hog,” and a source of “security holes.”