∞ Apple offers battery tips for iPhone and iPod users

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood things about Apple’s portable devices is the way some of the features affect battery life. Two new pages on Apple’s Web site may help users with that. Apple posted two pages — one dedicated to the iPod and one to the iPhone — to help users get the most from their battery. Many of the tips may seem like simple solutions for those that closely follow Apple, but for new users, there are some great tips in there.

For the iPod, Apple recommends setting the Hold switch when not using the device. There are also some tips on using Wi-Fi; Backlight; Equalizer; Minimizing the use of third-party applications; Fetching new data less frequently; and turning off push mail.

Because of its different features, the iPhone has its own set of tips that include minimizing use of location services; turning off push notifications; auto-checking fewer email accounts; using Airplane Mode in low- or no-coverage areas; adjusting brightness; and turning off 3G.

There are plenty of other tips and information too. It’s worth a read.