∞ Emoti iPhone Facebook app adds page sorting

It never ceases to amaze me how inventive iPhone developers can be. The latest example comes from Nodconcept with their Emoti update. Emoti is an app that allows you to update Facebook with a text message and one of many custom emoticons included with the app. Nodconcept regularly provides free emoticon updates that can be downloaded within the app, but it also caused a slight problem — too many pages of emoticons to look through.

The developers of Emoti came up with a brilliant solution. You can now sort the pages, so you can bring the ones you use the most to the front and leave the others at the back. You can also move emoticons from one page to another.

When you download updates from Emoti, they are sorted by whatever theme is hot at that time. It could be sports, music, or a holiday. With the ability to put the emoticons on a different page, you can sort the individual emoticons and pages however you want.

It’s made a huge difference in the way I use the app.

It’s tough to explain how it works, so take a look at this video that shows the interface.

If you’re a new user, Emoti costs $1.99. Currently, the app comes with about 120 custom made emoticons.