∞ Take Control of Screen Sharing and Back to My Mac released

Mac personalities Adam and Tonya Engst have released two new ebooks in their popular “Take Control” series. Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard” was written by networking expert Glenn Fleishman, focusing on the ability for Mac users to visibly share their computers with other users. According to Engst, the ebook “walks readers through the steps for identifying, configuring, and using the screen-sharing option that best meets their needs.”

The 136-page ebook will help users answer a number of questions including What can I do with screen sharing? What’s the best way to set up an ad hoc screen-sharing session? What’s the best way to use screen sharing for remote tech support? How can I copy text from one computer to another while screen sharing? How can I share screens with an older Mac or a Windows computer?

“Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard” costs $10 and comes in PDF format.

The second ebook is “Take Control of Back to My Mac,” which is available to subscribers of Apple’s MobileMe. Back to My Mac allows users to connect to a home computer over the Internet while in a remote location.

This 95-page ebook, also written by Fleishman, costs $10 and is available in PDF format.