∞ Decade Review iPhone app highlights historical events

Open Door Networks and Project A this week released a new iPhone app called Decade Review that gives a visual summary of key world events from 2000-2009. decade-newAccording to the app’s description, users can view full-screen “Web shows” of the happenings that shaped the past ten years, indexed by either date or subject. You can also view Wikipedia if you want more information on the event.

The app highlights 75 events including:

  • The Bush vs. Gore election of 2000
  • The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001
  • The Bali bombings of 2002
  • The invasion of Iraq in 2003
  • The SE Asia Tsumani of 2004
  • Hurricane Katrina in 2005
  • The French student protests of 2006
  • The Burmese monk protests of 2007
  • Barack Obama’s election in 2008
  • The “Miracle on the Hudson” of 2009

Decade Review costs $0.99 and is available from the App Store [iTunes Link].