∞ Apple wins best ad, brand and marketer of the decade

Adweek on Monday issued its Best of the 2000s awards and Apple walked away with top honors in three categories. Among the categories that Apple won was Marketer of the Decade, which was given to company CEO, Steve Jobs. “Visionary, iconoclastic and fearless, Steve Jobs the marketer is inseparable from Steve Jobs the personality,” wrote Adweek about Jobs.

Apple's Get a Mac ads

You may be thinking that Apple won the ad Campaign of the Decade for the iconic “Think Different” ads, but it was the more humorous “Get a Mac” series that took the top spot. “For Apple, the campaign managed the neat trick of making the brand look laid back and cool while it mercilessly skewered its rival,” said Adweek.

Finally, Apple took the top spot as Brand of the Decade. “But maybe it comes down to this: Most brands are run by committee, but this one is the embodiment of a living, breathing person. Steve Jobs is Apple in the way that Richard Branson is Virgin,” said Adweek.