∞ AT&T looks to curb excessive iPhone data usage

AT&T is looking to iPhone users to cut back on their data usage as a way to ease traffic on its network, according to the company’s CEO, Ralph de la Vega. iPhone 3GSWhile a usage cap is the first thing that comes to mind, de la Vega ruled that out as a possibility. Instead, he said AT&T would give users a reason to cut back on their data usage by giving them access to the amount of data they used.

AT&T is hoping that will help change the way people use their devices.

“What we actually found out is customers didn’t know how they were using data… but once you alerted them to it, they actually reduce their consumption significantly,” said de la Vega.

AT&T said details of its plans wouldn’t be available until next year, but said it wouldn’t affect the majority of its customers.

[Via WSJ]