∞ Groove3 releases Music production and mixing Pro Tools videos

Video tutorial-maker, Groove3, released two new tutorial videos targeted to users interested in learning about music production and mixing. groove3The first video “Music Production with Pro Tools Vol 1: Pop” was done by producer and engineer, Kenny Gioia. In this 4.5 hour tutorial, Gioia takes you through the steps to making a professional, radio-ready music production.

I’m about three-quarters done this video right now and it is very educational, to say the least. Gioia is one of the best Pro Tools teachers around — and my personal favorite. His approach is very down to earth and he deals with real-world issues in all of his videos.

The second Pro Tools tutorial, “Mixing Urban Pop,” was created by audio engineer Michael Costa. In this video, Costa starts off with a raw mix and walks you through the mix process.

In just over 3 hours of training, Costa takes you through adding effects like EQ and Reverb, as well as tweaking the vocals to make sure you get everything you want and expect out of the song you are working on.

I’m half way through Costa’s video and really like his approach to training too. He shows you the problems mixers encounter and also shows you a number of ways to fix them.

While the two videos use Pro Tools, the underlying lessons can be applied to any DAW.