∞ Line dancers take over the Microsoft Store

We all know that Microsoft blatantly copied the Apple retail store strategy, but Microsoft wasn’t content with stealing something that worked, they felt the need to add to it. So what did the brain trust in Redmond come up with? Line dancing. That’s it, let’s take a perfectly workable retail strategy and throw in line dancing. That has to be a winning combination.

This video is from the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, Calif. I agree with the first poster on the video that said, “it went from surprise to uncomfortable and finally awkward.”

When they started dancing, people were leaving the store. I thought that poor kid was going to start crying as his father made a hasty exit before the Microsoft line dancers attacked.

Seriously, you can have fun at work, but don’t make your employees look like idiots. It’s bad enough that you make them lie to the customers and tell them Windows 7 is safe, but now you make them dance too.