∞ New Apple Television ad targets Windows 7

You knew it was going to come. Windows 7 was released today and Apple began airing new Mac and PC ads on television. The new ad is called “Broken Promises” and aired on local television stations on the East Coast this evening. John Hodgman and Justin Long are in fine form in the latest ads.

“Hey Mac, did you hear the good news?”


Windows 7 is out and it’s not going to have any of the problems my last operating system had. Trust me.”

And with that we see PC (John Hodgman) in a flashback saying the exact same thing about previous operating systems that Microsoft released over the years.

Another ad called “Teeter Tottering” shows a woman who is making the switch to Mac, after a persistent PC fails to win her over. The final TV spot called “PC News” portrays PC as a news anchor, but when they go to the reporter on the street, the people are talking about switching to the Mac.

More classic Mac/PC ads for sure.