∞ Video tutorial app streams content to the iPhone

MacProVideo on Wednesday released a new version of its N.E.D.i (NonLinear Educating Device for iPhone), a video tutorial app for iPhone and iPod touch users. MacProVideoN.E.D.i 2.0 includes the ability to stream content directly to the iPhone, a feature that will have a huge impact for users. This means that you don’t need to download the videos and store them on your iPhone, saving a lot of disk space for music, apps and the other content you want to have on the device.

The iPhone app also includes a search feature that allows you to search the company’s entire online tutorial library. Currently, that’s more than 150 tutorial titles with almost 10,000 individual videos.

N.E.D.i is a free download from the App Store. MacProVideo is offering users a three-day trial subscription so you can try it out.