∞ Apple's breakup with Google continues

Apple hasn’t been making many friends at Google these days. In fact, it would appear the days of the two companies working closely together may be coming to an end. Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub dug up some juicy info on Wednesday night that may widen the rift between Apple and Google. Apple recently purchased mapmaking company Placebase.

Of course, Apple and Google have partnered to provide mapping in a couple of Apple products. Most notably is the integration in Apple’s consumer photo application, iPhoto, and the Google Maps app on the iPhone.

It seems clear that with the purchase of Placebase, Apple will be ditching Google in favor of its own technology.

It should be interesting to see what Apple does with the technology. Typically when Apple invents or buys a new technology, it does some really cool things with it. It’s not hard to imagine it will do the same thing with maps on the iPhone.

The relationship between Google and Apple has been souring for some time. First with Android, Google’s mobile operating system, and then in July, Google said it was entering the operating system market and was developing Google Chrome OS.

This caused immediate concerns in the industry because Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, was also on Apple’s Board of Directors. It only took a couple of weeks for Schmidt to resign (or be kicked off the Board).

Of course this led to an even bigger brouhaha when Google Voice was rejected from the App Store because it duplicated the functions of the iPhone. That brought the FCC into the mix.

While Apple denied the app had been rejected, Google said it was and gave details of conversations between the companies.

I don’t see any way that this can end well for Google and Apple. It’s too bad really. Google and Apple are both innovative companies that could have some great things together.