∞ Digidesign unveils Eleven Rack guitar amp and effects processor

Digidesign on Thursday upped the ante in the world of digital guitar amp and effects processing with the introduction of Eleven Rack. Guitar players will recognize the name Eleven as being Digidesign’s guitar amp modeling plug-in that can be used with Pro Tools. However, Eleven Rack takes this a step further by including a hardware unit with the Eleven guitar amps built in.

Eleven Rack

Not only is Eleven Rack an amp and effects processor, it’s also an audio interface, which means that if you have Pro Tools, you can use Eleven Rack in conjunction with, or instead of your current interface.

The really cool thing about the unit is that you can take the tones you build in Pro Tools and use them live on the stage — no computer needed. The effects pedals can be controlled live using MIDI controllers and expression pedals.

Eleven Rack also allows guitar players to record a wet and dry sound at the same time. This gives you the flexibility to go back and re-amp the dry track later on without having to re-record the take.

You also have the ability to embed the Eleven Rack guitar settings directly in the track, so they can be recalled at any time.

Eleven Rack will be available this month and will cost $1,259.