∞ Jobs discusses the iPod nano camera, e-books, and iPod touch

The big question on everyone’s mind yesterday was about cameras. Why the iPod touch didn’t get one and the iPod nano only got video recording and not the ability to take still photos. iPod nano with video cameraIt turns out that it’s a technical issue that prevented Apple from adding still photo capture to the iPod nano, according to the New York Times. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the nano enclosure couldn’t handle the thicker sensors required for still pictures, but because the video sensors are so thin, they fit nicely.

Jobs also said not putting a camera in the iPod touch was a conscious decision. Apple decided to make the iPod touch a gaming-focused device and wanted to keep the costs to a minimum, making it accessible to more people.

His opinions on e-books and the Kindle haven’t changed either. Jobs said he believes the “general-purpose devices will win the day.”

Jobs said that Apple has “some really good stuff coming up.” It should be an interesting 2010.