∞ Live coverage from Apple's music event

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Norah Jones is coming up for a live performance.

This is our line-up for the holiday season.

iPod nano costs: 8GB $149; 16GB $179

Nano has 2.2-inch display.

The nano is the most popular music player in the world. We sold over 100 million nanos. It’s a great music player. We are adding voice over, genius mixes, and an FM radio and a voice recorder app and a pedometer. Sync with Nike+.

You can watch the video on the nano or sync it to the computer.

We are going to build the video camera into the new iPod nano.

A video camera. This market is really exploding and we want to get in on this.

One more thing…

Steve is back.

Polished stainless steel $99 special edition iPod shuffle.

New colors. black silver green pink and blue. $59 for 2GB, $79 for the 4GB.

Also releasing an adapter with the controls built-in so you can use any headphones you want.

iPod shuffle. It is literally the smallest music device in the world. We are expanding the number of headphones that you can use with the shuffle that have integrated controls.

iPod Classic is a great device for those with a large music library. Upping capacity to 160GB for the same $249.

Showing a new Ad for the iPod touch.

We learned that $199 is the magic price point in the iPod market. We are bringing the iPod touch down to $199 for the 8GB model. For $299 we are dowbling the memory to 32GB. At $399 you get 64GB.

There is an app for anything you want in the App Store. The iPod touch is the most affordable gateway to the App Store.

Schiller is back.

Wow, with Madden 2010 for iPhone you can call an audible and draw the new play right on the screen.

They are now showing demos from several game companies.

Game titles available for makers: Sony 607; Nintendo 3,680; iPhone 21,178.

You realize that competition like Nintendo and Sony game players just don’t stack up anymore.

Customers are also figuring out it’s a great pocket computer. It’s a great portable game player.

3 things really set it apart. 1. It’s a great iPod. 2. It’s also a great video experience. 3. Great for discovering new music.

We have sold over 20 million iPod touch.

Over 50% of iPods sold are to new customers. The fastest growing is the iPod touch.

iTunes 9 is available today.

Sold 220 million iPods to date. “That makes it one of the most successful products in history.”

Phil Schiller is coming up to talk about iPod.

iTunes extras for movies is like the extras you get on a DVD. Some cool things to see.

Showing videos recorded exclusively for iTunes LP from The Doors.

iTunes LP has photos, videos, lyrics and memorabilia.

You can drag apps to different pages, search, select multiple apps and move them, delete apps, etc.

Jeff Robbin demoing iTunes 9.

iTunes LP. “Some of us are old enough that we actually bought LPs. It was great, you got liner notes.”

Redesigned iTunes Store. Navigation is much better and there are new artist pages.

Home sharing allows you to copy media to up to 5 authorized computers on the network.

You can now manage your apps in iTunes. You can arrange them however you want really fast.

Improved syncing. You can sync music playlists, artist, genre. For photos, you can sync albums, events and faces.

Genius mixes. Imagine a Genius DJ that continues to play songs that go well together from your library.

We are applying Genius to yet another area. Users have submitted over 54 billion songs through Genius. The database has just gotten smarter and smarter.

Clean up interface.

Today we are introducing iTunes 9.

We sold over 8.5 billion songs. We now have over 100 million acounts with credit cards.

iTunes is now in 23 countries. It is the number 1 music retailer in the world.

Let’s move on to music.

Available today free for 3.0 users.

The second thing we are adding is ringtones. We have over 30,000 and will be sold for $1.29.

This will only get better and better, just like it has with music.

We are introducing iPhone 3.1 today. We have Genius technology which is great for music but we have applied that same technology for apps in the App Store. It automatically makes recommendations for apps from the Store.

One of the reasons for that is the App Store. We now have over 75,000 apps. Users have downloaded over 1.8 billion apps and that doesn’t include updates.

In a little over two years we have sold over 30 million iPhones.

Steve Jobs takes the stage. “I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone in the Apple community for their support.”

We just got the word to turn off the cell phones. That usually indicates we are ready to roll.

Nice. Starting off with Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire.”