∞ Adobe posts Creative Suite 4 FAQ for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Adobe, one of Apple’s largest software developers, on Friday posted an FAQ to its Web site answering any questions user might have about its Creative Suite 4 (CS4) apps and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Of course the biggest question would be surrounding compatibility. Adobe says it worked closely with Apple and Creative Suite 4 is compatible with Snow Leopard. Adobe also says that Snow Leopard is a good release for CS4 users because it “delivers a productive computing experience for creative professionals.”

Adobe said that CS4 was the only product suite that was tested with Snow Leopard. Using older versions could leave you with stability issues under Snow Leopard.

Adobe has already said it is dropping PowerPC support in future versions of the suite, focusing instead on the newer Intel-architecture.

While no updates are required to run Creative Suite 4 on Snow Leopard, Adobe said it did find two minor issues in its testing. One involves users with Adobe Creative Suite Infrastructure 1.0.1 installed. When updates are available it will appear the update completes, but you will be notified again of the update.

The second issue is that Adobe Drive used with Adobe Version Cue CS4 Server does not run on the 64-bit version of Snow Leopard. Adobe said it is working on fixes for these two issues.