∞ InstantDrummer app adds drums to iPhone

Sonoma Wire Works on Friday released a new iPhone application for musicians on-the-go. InstantDrummerInstantDrummer includes professionally recorded drum loops that can be built into drum tracks for songs. Recorded by Death Cab for Cutie drummer, Jason McGerr, this version of InstantDrummer is the first in a series of apps that will be released by the company.

InstantDrummer features an adjustable tempo, a sequencer, adjustable gain, and Wi-Fi sync. The app includes 43 loops and fills in 11 Parts including Basic Rock, Bigger Rock, Ride, Ride-on, Sparse to Meaty, Kick and Hat, Crashes, Lead-ins and Endings.

Sonoma Wire Works said integration with its other iPhone app, FourTrack, will be coming soon.