∞ Google's Gmail passes AOL to capture third-place in Web mail

gmailAlmost everyone I know uses Gmail, but it’s not the number one Web mail platform — in fact, it just passed AOL to take the third spot in the U.S. market. Google finished July with 37 million unique visitors to its Gmail service, while AOL came in at 36.4 million visitors. A close race for sure, but Google did mange to edge them out.

Google still has a little way to go before it catches the number two Hotmail with 47 million visitors, but it’s been on a steady upswing, so there’s no telling when they could catch them.

Yahoo Mail with 106 million visitors is way out in front of everyone. Unless something drastic happens, it will be a while before anyone catches them. But as TechCrunch reports, Gmail grew by 25 percent in July, while Hotmail only grew 8 percent and Yahoo by 16 percent.