∞ Sarah McLachlan's engineer video tutorial on mixing in Pro Tools

MacProVideo released a new video tutorial on using Pro Tools to mix music. This time the company hired Sarah McLachlan’s engineer to give the lesson. Pro Tools 402: Mixing Pop in Pro ToolsChris Potter is behind the controls in this four hour “Pro Tools 402: Mixing Pop in Pro Tools” tutorial that takes users through the process of mixing a Pop song for radio, CD, or internet delivery. Potter will teach you how to mix drum kits, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboards.

There is also an entire section on mixing both Lead and Backup vocals to provide the type of presence that makes vocals truly sparkle in the mix.

This tutorial is available for download from MacProVideo.com’s website for $49.50, or you can subscribe to their Online Tutorial Library for $25 a month and watch this (and all other) MacProVideo.com tutorials.