∞ Windows 7 upgrade a nightmare; glad I'm a Mac user

In the next couple of months, Apple and Microsoft will both release upgrades to their operating systems. While they are both considered to be maintenance releases, the upgrade paths are incredibly different. I hardly know what to say about Microsoft’s upgrade path to Windows 7. “Wow” comes to mind. So does “are you kidding me?”

Look at this chart that Walt Mossberg has over at AllThingsD:

Windows 7 Upgrade Chart

All of the blue boxes in that chart require the user to do a “Custom Install.” Okay, that’s not so bad, until you realize that a custom install is Microsoft speak for “wipe your hard drive and start over.” Really? Just to upgrade to the new operating system?

Mossberg said that Microsoft will provide a free “Easy Transfer” program to help users in the upgrade process. That is good news. Except that it won’t transfer your applications, only your personal files and settings.

Now let’s look at what Apple has in store for its users.

Buy Snow Leopard for $29, not the exorbitant price that Microsoft is charging; put it in and upgrade your existing operating system. As long as your computer hardware supports the new OS, you’re good to go.

It’s good to be a Mac user.