∞ 'Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X' ebook available

Two of the most influential publishers in the Mac industry, Adam and Tonya Engst, have released a new ebook designed to help users manage their passwords in Mac OS X. takecontrolTake Control of Passwords in Mac OS X” was written by long time Mac expert, Joe Kissell. The 120-page book goes in-depth into a variety of topics that are useful for new users and power users alike.

Topics include:

  • Coming up with secure passwords that are easily remembered and typed
  • Keeping track of impossible-to-remember passwords
  • Setting up sensible passwords that control access to your Mac
  • Reducing hassle by making your Mac automatically log you in to Web sites
  • Finding a balance between security and the annoyance of frequent password entry
  • Understanding the purpose of the common Mac keychains
  • Finding and viewing the passwords that your Mac has tracked for you
  • Syncing passwords between different Macs (or with an iPhone/iPod touch)
  • Planning for disaster — what if you’re injured and someone else needs your passwords?
  • Deciding whether you should memorize your passwords, write them down, or have your Mac store them

The Book is available in PDF format for $10 and print for $20.99.