∞ Microsoft, Yahoo deal: Dumb and Dumber

Microsoft and Yahoo inked a deal on Wednesday that will see the two companies team-up to take on search giant, Google. I see this as a clear win for Google. Google must be so pleased with this deal. Think about it — Microsoft and Yahoo will put all of its energy into integrating systems, search, ads, personnel and Google will lap up the percentages of search that they leave behind in the confusion.

By the time Microhoo finally gets its act together it will be too late to battle Google. In fact, it’s pretty easy to argue that the battle has been finished for years.

The basic problem with Microhoo is that they don’t know how to compete with Google. That’s not a big surprise, Microsoft doesn’t know how to compete with Apple either, and it shows in its products.

Take a look at Yahoo’s homepage compared to Google’s. Terrible. Google is focused on delivering the best search that it can to its customers in a very easy interface. Yahoo is none of that.

Microhoo is none of that and a few steps down for the utter confusion it’ll bring.

Joe Wilcox in a Betanews story likens Microhoo to “Dumb and Dumber” and calls the deal “dumberer” for both companies. He’s right.

According to Wilcox, Google’s market share was 65 percent in June, followed by Yahoo at 19.6 percent and Microsoft at 8.4 percent. Even combined, it doesn’t give Microhoo enough to be within striking range of Google.

Despite its intentions, Microhoo is a clear win for Google.