∞ Apple adds keywords to App Store

appstore2Apple on Wednesday told developers to go into the App Store and update their apps with keywords, which should help people find apps easier. Allowing developers to add and update keywords on their apps is certainly a good move by Apple, especially since the company has more than 65,000 apps in the store. With that many apps and so many categories to search through, users need help finding apps.

While the addition of keywords will help, it is not going to be the fix many people hope it is for the store. Developers continue to have problems getting recognition in the store, sometimes feeling that the Top 100 is the only way their apps will ever be found.

Of course, if the app is never found, it has little chance of making the Top 100 list.

This is most likely a small change on Apple’s part in preparation for bigger changes to come in the App Store. Certainly, a step forward.