∞ Apple captures 91% of market for computers over $1000

In case you didn’t read that correctly the first time, Apple is ruling the computer high-end computer market. MacBook AirAccording to data from market research firm NPD, Apple’s revenue share for PCs over $1,000 is 91 percent.

Betanews reports that Apple’s revenue share went up to 91 percent from 88 percent in May. Last year, I did a story that pegged Apple’s share of the $1,000 plus market at 66 percent. Clearly this isn’t a new phenomenon.

Here are some other interesting facts and figures. In June, the average price for PCs sold at retail was $701, or $690 for desktops and $703 for notebooks.

When you break that down to just Windows computers, the average price drops to $515, which the average Mac price was $1,400. You can break that down further to Windows desktops at $489 and notebooks $520. Mac desktops were $1,398 and laptops were at $1,400.

Not bad, not bad at all.