∞ Will Apple partner with Verizon on a tablet?

A partnership between Apple and Verizon has been the source of rumors for many months — according to one source the two companies may team up on a tablet. Add a tablet into the Verizon mix and you have two of the longest running rumors in the Apple market. The Street reports that an Apple tablet won’t be tied to Verizon as tightly as the iPhone is to AT&T.

A tablet on Verizon would work. The wireless carrier is rolling out its fourth generation (4G) network, which is compatible with current GSM technology.

Apple’s tablet will most likely have a screen around 10-inches, and if previous rumors are true, will have the same type of virtual keyboard that the iPhone currently uses.

It seems clear that the tablet is Apple’s answer to the industry’s netbook. I have already argued that Apple will not release a traditional netbook in favor of a tablet.