∞ Duke puts classic TV commercials on iTunes U

Remember hearing this on TV? Classic Raisin Bran Commercial“Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin!,” “Double your pleasure; double your fun”

If you’re old enough to remember those slogans, you might also be interested in watching the commercials again for old times sake. And now you can.

Duke University is making more than 1,500 historic TV commercials from the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History in the Duke University Special Collections Library available on iTunes U in a collection called “AdViews.”

The first set of commercials are from the 1950s and 1960s, according to Duke. These commercials come from Hartman’s archive of over 12,000 commercials.

“I was looking at some of the commercials that are now being digitized at Duke, and they almost provide a history of U.S. culture,” said former Procter & Gamble marketing executive George Grody, now a visiting professor at Duke.. “You can see how the roles of women have changed over the years, the role of the family has changed; African-Americans in advertising in the late ’60s, where they weren’t so present in the early ’60s.”